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5ct. beautiful platinum pink sapphire with heart shape dimond necklace
SKU: MJ0008

Gorgeous 18K rose gold and champagne diamond ring
SKU: MJ0007

Emerald Diamond Ring
SKU: FJ002

Pink Diamond Ring
SKU: FJ003

Blue Diamond Ring
SKU: FJ004

Diamond Ring
SKU: FJ005

Emerald Cut Diamond Ring
SKU: FJ006

Black and in white diamond gold link bracelet and necklace
SKU: MJ00050

Two delicious diamond heart rings, fancy pink and fancy blue
SKU: MJ00014

Beautiful platinum diamond and ruby choker necklace
SKU: MJ00017

Vintage platinum marquise diamond necklace with pear shaped diamond drops.
SKU: MJ00017

14 and 18 carat white gold diamond crosses
SKU: MJ00025

18 karat yellow gold 3 inch soft cuff vintage bracelet
SKU: MJ00026

Hanging diamond earrings
SKU: MJ00034

Beautiful french cameos hand-painted
SKU: MJ00035

Beautiful Art Deco platinum and diamonds bracelet
SKU: MJ00043

Beautiful vintage Art Deco style white gold and diamonds pendant
SKU: MJ00042

white gold, diamond and sapphire ring & yellow gold, diamond and emerald ring
SKU: MJ00045

Beautiful white gold with diamonds and sapphire chandelier earring
SKU: MJ00046

Gorgeous diamond wedding ring
SKU: MJ00055

Gorgeous yellow diamond engagement rings
SKU: MJ00057

Gorgeous engagement ring with wedding ring
SKU: MJ00053

Gorgeous diamond and gold wedding band
SKU: MJ00058

Gorgeous Emerald Cut Diamond Engagement Rings
SKU: MJ00060

Results - Page 1 of 4
Items per page: 12  |  24  |  36  |  48